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Fabiana de Paula Krey is Brazilian, from Porto Alegre (RS), and has lived in the United States since 2004, where she currently lives in South Beach, Miami, Florida, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Before moving to another country, she had a computer consulting company, where she provided personalized services, from websites, database programming and marketing, in addition to teaching courses for business groups and individuals.

She chose to live in the United States of America because she fell in love with the quality of life provided by the country, which culminated in a career transition, when he started working in the real estate field in 2005.

Since then, she has helped people looking for permanent or vacation homes to find the property of their dreams, in addition to offering all technical advice to investors, providing support and assistance from the search for the ideal property to the management of the property after purchase.

Currently, in addition to serving the Florida real estate market, she also serves the state of Pennsylvania, mainly in Pittsburgh, together with a specialized team, capable of researching and indicating the best available properties, through an assertive preliminary search in a vast database. Data.

Florida is one of the most sought after North American destinations by tourists from all over the world and is a great investment for its continued growth, for presenting excellent results in the health and technology sectors, in addition to tourism, as well as for the stability of the country's economy.

Pennsylvania is one of the richest and most industrialized states in the US, being an educational and financial hub, especially for the high-tech industry, as it is home to Amazon and Google.

The state also bears a great resemblance to part of Brazil: it has four defined seasons, providing incredible outdoor activities throughout the year.

In winter it is possible to enjoy the snow, ski, practice other sports, or simply enjoy the fireplace with wine. Also, Pennsylvania natives are very friendly and welcoming to foreign audiences.

It is worth mentioning that foreigners are very welcome in Pennsylvania, whether for tourism, housing or investment. In Pittsburgh, a partner company has offered great opportunities for investment in real estate, opening participation quotas for the purchase of houses, mainly, that need to be renovated.

The company is responsible for the total renovation and the estimate is that in a few months the renovated properties will provide an average annual return of 14%.

If you want to know more about investing or finding the ideal property for your family and how we can help you, contact me and my team.

We really look forward to having the opportunity to help you build a new life in the United States.

Get in touch via WhatsApp (click here), ask your questions or schedule a meeting, online or in person.

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